Christian Cave

In the Landes area, France, Christian Cave and his brother and sister manage the Agglolux company, expert in cork agglomerate manufacturing. Their family started the business in 1929 in Soustons. Not only did it pioneer this eld, but it came up with new patented processed along the way. Today about 10 persons share those skills. All boards and rolls are made out of granulated cork that is crushed, cleant, calibrated, and mixed to binding agents that are made and selected for every type of object. Every step of the process is done in-house thanks to unique and specially made machines.

Convinced by the cork potential in design, and conscious to be the heir of a long tradition, Christian Cave, along with 4 other regional companies, founded « Le Liège Gascon » association, with the objective of relaunching the local cork production that had been thriving in the mid 20th century. This is a long term project, as cork oaks need to reach 40 years old to start producing proper cork. Only future generations will benefit from this local and rare resource. 


Agglolux' headquarters
Soustons, les Landes

Joaldunak project (Artzain collection)