Christophe Lauduique

Appointed journeyman of the Confrérie du Couteau de Thiers, one of the most respected knife makers’ guild in France, Christophe Lauduique started his carreer as a knife collector. He published two books about knifes: Couteaux pliants de nos provinces, volume 1 and 2.

Actually, he started as a music publisher, but his passion got him to learn knife making and found Lames de Sames in 2004 in the Basque Country. His specialty ? Two- studed pocket knifes traditionnaly used by pyrenean shepherds and farmers. Following the tradition of the Bayonne knife-makers (who invented the bayonet), his work relies on precise know-how, historical knowledge and a communicative passion he loves to share in his knife museum, open to the public. And don’t forget to ask him about his makhila collection ! 

Couteaux du Pays Basque's workshop
Anglet, Pyrénées Atlantiques

Joaldunak project (Artzain collection)