From the rooftop tiles of the houses in Aïnhoa, to the ocean waves of Bidart, there's a little peaceful road, ideal for contemplation: the departmental road number four (D4).
A gentle slope that Los Angeles-based artist Alexander Weinstein would go down every summer when he was a child. Leaving the heights, passing by a busy stone quarry, to eventually reach the big blue. If he now lives on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, it is because his love for the ocean was born here, in the Basque Country. A true obsession with the sea flows through his work.
D4, as a memory of the territory and trips that build us and make us the human beings we are, pays tribute to childhood and wishes for a prompt return to the places that inspire us.

Sculpture for living
Pierre de la Rhune, powder coated stainless steel

L 80 x D 60 x H 26 cm
L 31.5 x D 23.6 x H 10.2 inches
Limited edition of 8 + 1 prototype

Alexander Weinstein


Benoît Bousquet, Benoît Goudard, Jean-Paul Mendiburu

photography : Mélanie Torok

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D4 (Ondulations collection)

Ondulations collection