Setting oneself in motion means risk and the potential loss of balance. Dancers know it. Explorers too.

In 1522, when he finished the first voyage around the world serving as Magellan’s lieutenant, Juan Sebastián Elkano finds himself left with only 18 of the original 237 crew members who boarded their ship, La Victoria. It is an extraordinary and terrible adventure, marked by fascinating encounters, battles and mutinies. It is a story that lives on as a landmark exploration for all mankind.

A wave, a vessel, a mast inclined towards the unknown; a dancing object looking for balance in chaos: this is Elkano. Its hypnotic swing lasts until it stabilizes and engages us, eliciting a soothing contemplation similar to, “this satisfaction we feel when something happens and ends right where it ought to end”, says contributing artist, Ucka Ludovic Ilolo.

Sculpture for living
Powder coated stainless steel and aluminium, Danish cord
L 103 x D 50 x H 86.5 cm
L 40.6 x D 19.7 x H 34.1 inches
Limited edition of 8 + 1 prototype

Ucka Ludovic Ilolo


Florent Canini, Simon Merlo, Benoît Goudard, Daniel Lizarralde

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Elkano (Ondulations collection)

Ondulations collection