Florent Canini & Simon Merlo

Florent Canini is a committed entrepreneur. In 2012, he took over the Inox Pyrénées company with a triple-objective: perpetuate the economic activity; pass on savoir-faire within the company; and become the local leader for stainless steel. On a daily basis, he manages his team while participating in regional activities such as speaking to colleges and helping local young entrepreneurs, pro bono.

As a responsive and open manager, he has gathered a competent and enthusiastic team including Simon Merlo, in charge of design and engineering. Always passionate about new challenges, Merlo worked alongside the éditions du coté team on several projects in this collection.

INOX PYRENEES - metal workers - Larressore

The Inox Pyrénées workshop
Larressore, Pyrénées Atlantiques

Elkano / Le Rayon Vert / Les Lignes (Ondulations collection)

Ondulations collection