Javier Mendizabal

Internationally recognized by his peers, Javier Mendizabal is a key figure of the Barcelona skateboarding scene where he spent 15 years of his life. Skateboarding is a means of expression and a lifestyle. Art, photography, and travelling are as essential to his personal balance as skateboarding is. They can bring him to the other side of the world, or to his doorstep at the foot of the Rhune mountain.
Since returning to the Basque country (2013), it is always in in-between spaces and moments that he finds inspiration. He frequently explores contrasts between urban and natural environments, drawing forests on city walls here, then creating a village with film and radiography cut-outs there. Javier is cultivating a soothing and poetic world, full of passion and benevolence.


Coming home project (Artzain collection)