Joan Tarragó Pampalona

Street artist and illustrator living in Barcelona, Joan Tarragó Pampalona started his career 12 years ago in Athens, where he studied painting. Since then, he lives a nomad’s life, frequently travelling between Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Biarritz, New York, Richmond, Miami, Copenhagen, Bulgaria or Thailand. Those trips are probably an allegory of the interdisciplinary commutes between illustration and graphic design, 3D objects and painting, art and design. Among other things, he won several fashion prizes, worked for John Galliano and Quiksilver, and painted murals in the Wynwood district for Art Basel Miami.

Joan’s artistic world is populated with monsters, animals and spirits, geometric or organic lines, symbols and coincidences, that altogether explore worldwide folk and rituals. From his Barcelona-based studio, he collaborates with brands (Nike, Converse, Ray-Ban...), public space projects, new exhibitions or international art festivals. 


Joaldunak project (Artzain collection)