Maentler studio

Of Swiss origin, Elodie Maentler was born in Antibes and grew up in Brittany. After working at Vitra, she founded her own studio in 2009 in Biarritz. As in interior designer specialized in renovation, Elodie puts her passion and knowledge of merchandising, layout and design issues at the service of her clients, using the best craftsmen and manufacturers in the region.
Functionality and ergonomics are central to her work, with a particular attention to the quality of finish. Deeply attached to creation, she is convinced of the extra soul that art brings to an architectural project.
As a celebration of her studio's tenth anniversary in 2019, she and her team launched a series of collectible design objects, adding a product design activity to her architectural skills.


Prieto, Haya, and Ovide  (Perspectives collection)

Perspectives collection