Manuel de Paiva

SNA (Société Nouvelle Augey) and Adour Chaudro are two sister companies based in Tarnos,intheLandesarea.Expertinprecision mechanics and metalwork, Manuel de Paiva works along former employee and owner Mohamed Seddiki. As a true entrepreneur, he is fully dedicated to his clients, working over hours and supporting his team as often as he can. Wether an individual or a multinational aeronautics company, every client gets the same level of service.

Specialized in producing prototypes, both companies own all the tools one needs to bend, grind, mill, weld, laser cut or machine metal. Open to exploring their skills through artistic lenses, Manuel and his team were enthusiastic about the Coming home project since day one. Manuel put all his energy and time to make it possible, getting his hands dirty and looking for solutions as often as needed, while still managing the team and clients relations. 

SNA and Adour Chaudro's workshop
Tarnos, les Landes

Coming Home project (Artzain collection)