Mickaël El Fathi

Not only an illustrator and writer, Mickaël El Fathi is also a world traveller who loves to share his passion. When creating oniric landscapes and poetic stories, he loves to take his readers beyond appearances. At his sides, one sets o on an adventure to discover the world at his own pace, talking to trees and animals alike, to better understand one’s own humanity.

Exploring the singularity and fragility of a man living on a mountain with his cattle was an obvious thing to do for Mickaël. After designing and following the sculpture of his object, Le Vulnérable, with Benoît Bousquet and Nicolas Pargade, he’s now about to finalize his first novel.

Key dates
2015 : publishing L’eau de Laya (éditions Møtus) and Moabi (éditions La Palissade)
2014 : publishing Mo-Mo (éditions Møtus) and Moi quand je serai grand, je serai voyageur (Océan Jeunesse) 


Faille project (Artzain collection)