Nicolas Verschaeve

From the first words exchanged, this young Belgian designer, graduate of the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Paris - cum laude - amazes with his maturity. A cerebral and contemplative figure: dressed sharply in loose-fitting trousers with well-kept mustache, one immediately senses his artistic acuity. His diction is clear and slow; the words well-chosen and evocative. Territory, craftsmanship, consistency, exploration, experimentation, collaboration... those words singularly resonate with éditions du coté's mission statement.

His first professional experiences: working with the most demanding design studios (Normal Studio, Formafantasma) as well as several immersive trips around the world have combined to forge his ambition: that of a curious and environmentally-conscious creative independent. Discipline and freedom, tension and movement, complementarity and singularity will guide his creation process for éditions du coté.

Amplitude (Ondulations collection)

Ondulations collection