Philippe Couard

With a shop tting and designer background, Philippe Couard founded Agencement Bi- Color in 2011 in Bidart, along with partner Cheikhou Cissé, a joiner. Both have 30 years of experience in woodworking and have built a team with a versatile skillset that allows them to address any wood related challenges: space design, furniture, staircases, windows...

Hugo Mouchebeuf, an artisan cabinetmaker is part of the team. He and Philippe worked together on the Coming home project, for the Artzain collection.

Philippe and Hugo’s passion for their work reinforces their technical creativity. Their high expectation for quality level fuels their attention to detail and guarantees upscale quality in every project they manage. Always open to new challenges, and always willing totransfertheirskillstotheteamandshare their knowledge with the clients, Coming home shows a new aspect of their skills. 

Agencement Bi-color's workshop
Bidart, Pyrénées Atlantiques

Coming Home project (Artzain collection)