A sculptural coffee table, which, as if on a palette, takes up two elements dear to the architect Luis Barragán: the pink wall on the outside, and the reflective sphere, which creates perspective inside the house. The mirror emerges from the top and gathers the faces of the people around it.

Sculpture for living
Solid oak, Aurora marble and mirroring sphere

L 92 x D 70 x H 35 cm
L 36.2 x D 27.6 x H 13.8 inches
Limited edition of 6 with blown glass sphere and 6 with miror polished stainless steel sphere + 1 prototype

Maentler studio


Benoît Bousquet et son équipe, Jean-Paul Mendiburu

photography :  Mélanie Torok

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Prieto (collection Perspectives)

collection Perspectives