Sébastien Turon

After some graphic design studies, Sébastien Turon joined the Serge Tauzin company, where he developped a passion for printing, engraving, cutting and assembling techniques. Even if he had not initially planned it, he now clearly follows in his mother’s footsteps : Chantal Turon started to work at Serge Tauzin when she was 18, and eventually became its executive. In order to learn all the tricks of the trade, he is once a technician, then a team manager, a graphic designer or a project manager. He is particularly interested in new and innovative technologies, and leads the company to invest in them and evolve their o er accordingly.

Today a team of about 10 persons work alongside Sébastien and his parents in order to bring turnkey solutions to their clients, from raw material to packaging.

For the ‘Joaldunak’ project, Sébastien managed the laser engraving of big-sized leather (Txatxo) and glass (Maddi, Maddi Bi) objects. 


Serge Tauzin's workshop
Saint Médard-en-Jalles, Gironde

Joaldunak project (Artzain collection)