Studio Briand & Berthereau

The ocean as an obsession. Joran Briand and Arnaud Berthereau share common passions: waves, surfing and contemplating the horizon. As product, graphic and interior designers, most of their professional activity happens in Paris. But their irrepressible need for blue can only submit for so long to the Parisian bustle before they must escape. The twosome often travel to the world’s most beautiful coasts; inspiring an ongoing curatorial project called, “The West is the Best” - a series of published travel-diaries in which they document local creativity and lifestyle through encounters with designers and artists sharing these same passions. The project has seen the designers travel the Atlantic coast of France, driving them from Paris, south to the Basque Country and ultimately onto California and Mexico to explore the Pacific shoreline.

But it is never enough. Their new branch office will be based in Quiberon, Brittany. There, they will quench their thirst for undulating inspiration, ocean spray and iodized air. Toes in the sand of the peninsula, they’ll create objects and spaces informed by Quiberon’s wild, “Côte Sauvage”.

(picture by Claire Payen)

Le Rayon Vert (Ondulations collection)

Ondulations collection