Water metaphors

An exhibition by Pedro Galdon, from 6th to 21st December 2018

Pedro Galdon is a ceramicist and designer. Living in Hendaye, he crosses the Bidasso river daily to reach his Irun wokshop. After launching Basque Ceramic Design and several projects with Michelin-starred chefs and the Basque Culinary Center, he decided to fully dedicate himself to art. He finds his inspiration in local traditional craftsmanship and the environning nature.

The 'Water metaphors' exhibition pays homage to an element that is the cornerstone of his work : “my creations are born from water, water as a life forwarding agent" he says. In a dialogue with the earth (Meandro series) and air (Petricor series), water and the artist's hands give birth to a new shape, before they evaporate and leave only the essence of the creating act.
Exploring the river theme, the Menadro pieces evoke the poetic link between earth and water, that are both content and container to each other. The eroded concave follows the accumulated convex, creating meanderings that reflect a life path.
The Petricor series recall "the smell of rain after drought", the dreamt encounter of water and air, this short moment when the earth smokes, and water seems to grow roots, to meet air and get lost in the wind. A moment of nostalgia and daydream fixed in stoneware.
‘Water metaphors’ belong to the Ondulations cycle, as a prologue to the eponymous éditions du coté collection, due beginning of 2019.