Forms born of utility. Strong, simple, durable. Made to be useful, and used.
Day upon day, they humbly serve. Slowly earning their distinct, burnished finish, rubbed in equal measures with sweat, mud, oil & rain.
Tossed, dropped, stacked & trampled, accumulated scars cross-hatch grain lines. These spades, trawls, picks, ladders, rakes & axes remain ever resilient—a testament to their fabrication, and to their fabricators.

Zerbitzu is a monument to these sculptures of task, and likewise utilitarian. Carved, planed and patinated in the Pays Basque to commemorate those objects conceived and created by the shepherds and farmers of same region.

Sculpture for living
Solid oak and walnut, birch plywood, patina
L 43.3 x D 17.7 x H 37.4 inches

Limited edition of 8 +1 prototype

Todd Saunders

Loïc Levillain & Mathieu Sallaberry, Patricia de la Torre

photos :  Todd Saunders

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Zerbitzu (collection Artzain)

collection Artzain