"The shepherd is just like the mountain he strides across. 
Compact block, unchanging, anchored. But as one gets closer, explores, gets losts, one discovers a fault, a breach, a pass. A path to shove in towards its vulnerability. Labyrinth of galleries patiently dug into the body of the mountain, in the heart of the shepherd. Water and time have carted the matter out of the monolith. Only the wind remains, blowing and playing the pan pipes."

These few words by Mickaël El Fathi say it all. The shepherd he tells us about, deep down in his heart, goes through pains and wonders no one can imagine. Below the visible toughness that the winds and rains sculpted on his face, lies in contrast a truer life, and an even more vulnerable humanity. In French faille means fault, or flaw. This project was born from the encounter of Mickaël El Fathi, author, illustrator, novelist and great traveller, with Benoît Bousquet, marble mason and sculptor.

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