The works we present are the result of a long and thoughtful process. Every project gathers multiple talents around a theme with universal and local nuances we call a collection. Every object hence is the outcome of both personal histories and collective History.

Our theme-based collections are permanent, and new projects will keep exploring and expanding them in the future.

Artzain is éditions du coté's first collection. Three artists and eight craftsmen collaborated to imagine, develop and realize pieces which explore different aspects of the shepherd’s life, literally and figuratively borrowing from his environment.
For the new Ondulations collection, we worked with five artists, who collaborated with eleven craftsmen on five objects.



Ondulations. éditions du coté’s new collection title has quite an obvious and unique resonance for all of us. To shore-dwellers, it evokes the river or the ocean. To hill and mountain dwellers, it is reminiscent of the wonder of horizon watching. To others it is music, rhythm, dance, light, or elemental photon behaviour.

We wanted to extract the common essence from this array of viewpoints, gathered in one word, and in a few objects. In order to illustrate its universality, we focused on a confined territory as our case study. 

Diversity creates the distance needed for dialogue. Helping it grow and preserving it is a duty.

éditions du coté invited several artists to question the different meanings of the word ‘Undulations’, and to explore its local and universal connotations. A musician, a dancer, designers and plastic artists met some of the best Basque Country artisans to give shape to this reflection. 
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Artzain is Basque for 'shepherd.
And a very befitting title for our first collection. Based in the Aquitaine region, éditions du coté’s premiere offering stands to summon the bucolic image associated with our region.

Phonetically, Artzain implies the merge of art and design - and this is the principle that stimulated our creativity and guided the creation of these projects.
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