On show

On show

All year round, the gallery shows édition du coté's permanent collection, as well as a selection of carefully curated design and art pieces.

Visit upon appointment, please book below.

galerie du coté

The éditions du coté gallery is a space dedicated to creation. You'll see the éditions du coté objects, as well as a curated selection of other pieces promoting similar values. At the crossroads of design, art and craftsmanship, the gallery presents furniture, lighting and accessories brands that are all either handcrafted or manufactured by small, usually family-owned businesses. The creation, development and production processes are all done in Europe, regionally and locally.
Born from the collaboration between éditions du coté and interior design agency 
Maentler Architectes d'Intérieur,

who curate the space together, the space welcomes visitors, private or corporate, by appointment only from Monday to Friday.
A true occasion to discover rare objects that will make your home or office unique and in your image.

By appointment only.

galerie du coté
15 allée des Trois Fontaines
64200 Biarritz

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Previous exhibitions

Discover the gallery

Besides temporary exhibitions, the gallery showcases éditions du coté's permanent collections, as well as a selection of artists works and furniture pieces. A space that regularly changes, where culture meets art and decoration. We'll be glad to welcome you personally.

Recently exhibited artists : 
Kikis Alamo, Wendy Andreu, Roberto Badin, Thomas Batigne, Sylvie Delphaut, Pedro Galdon, Fanny-Laure Ghillebaert, Jean-Philippe Lagouarde, Christophe Lauduique, Claudia Lederer, Joseba Lekuona Yaben, Martin Levêque, Lx.one, Alan Manach, Cécile Mestelan, Mathieu Mizzon, Mioko Tanaka, Joan Tarragó Pampalona,  François-Xavier Poulaillon, Laura Sattin, Agathe Toman, Léa Valmain, Alex Weinstein...

Furniture brands : 
Atelier Areti, Bassam Fellows, B-Line, CVL, Kristina Dam, DCW, Gan Rugs, Lapuan Kankurit, Marset, Pandul, Pholc, Rispal, Sancal, Serge Mouille, Sika...