Les Lignes

In the OpArt movement, artists investigated visual undulation as interchanges of light and its diffraction. They rendered their findings with vibrant, graphic means. Ocean lovers know this phenomenon first-hand as a distinctly singular familiarity. Geologists, for their part, study these undulations in the long term.

What about the confluence of light undulations with those of water and earth?
Sculptures, seats or nesting tables, the Les Lignes installation lives as well inside as out. Its different elements play optical games with one another, reminding us the interaction of the horizon and the ocean waves moving towards the Basque coast, where the artist, Lx.one, has chosen to settle.

Sculpture for living
Perforated stainless steel, Vert d’Estours marble
L 120.7 x D 44.7 x H 43.2 cm (nested)
L 47.5 x D 17.6 x H 17.1 inches (nested)

Limited edition of 8 + 1 prototype



Florent Canini, Simon Merlo, Benoît Bousquet, Nicolas Pargade

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Les Lignes (Ondulations collection)

Ondulations collection